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With generous support from Flint Hills Resources, the Science Matters Overnight Camp-In and Outreach programs provide access to a range of science enrichment experiences for students at their schools and at the Science Museum. This experience is available to all schools that have a 4th and/or 5th grade.


Science Matters Camp-In

Fun and science combine naturally in a sleepover at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Your students will explore and discover how science impacts their lives and the future.

A Science Matters Camp-In for grades 4 and 5 includes:

  • Complimentary bus transportation to and from the museum
  • Access to all museum exhibits
  • Explore Science Stations featuring hands-on science investigations. This year's theme is Digital Engineering. Using the museum's exhibits, our world famous Science Live Theatre, and Explore Science Stations, campers will be immersed in the world of digital design and engineering. 
  • Science Live Theatre production
  • An Omnitheater film
  • An overnight experience in the Science Museum of Minnesota's one-of-a-kind Exhibit Galleries
  • Pizza dinner, late night snack, and continental breakfast


Science Matters Camp-In #1 February 21-22, 2019
Science Matters Camp-In #2 March 7-8, 2019
Science Matters Camp-In #3 March 21-22, 2019


Science Matters Outreach Tour

Get your students revved up on science! Our Science Museum outreach instructor will inspire and engage your students with bigger–than–life props and memorable science demonstrations—all in an interactive, large group format. Your school will get one of each of the following demostrations for your entire school.

Engineering (Grades K–2)
Learn about the engineering design process by helping a bear sled down a hill, and build a tower with an unexpected construction tool.

Engineering (Grades 3–5)
From high-speed trains to gloves that insulate from heat and cold, engineered solutions can be seen everywhere.

Science Matters Camp-In

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