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Donations to Non-Profits

The Science Museum of Minnesota actively supports other non-profit groups through donations of tickets to qualified organizations for fundraising. Because of the number of requests for donations, we are not able to honor every request. Please look at the guidelines below to determine if your organization is eligible, and note the instructions on how to request donations.

The Science Museum is no longer accepting mailed donation requests. All requests must be made through the form below.

As we are able, we DO donate tickets to:

  • Church groups
  • Schools
  • Community organizations
  • National non-profit organizations

We are UNABLE to donate for:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Second generation requests (for-profit organizations or individuals raising money for another group; example: corporate United Way auctions)
  • Events benefiting a single person or family

Tickets typically include admission to the standard museum exhibits and the Omnitheater. Special exhibitions, reservation fees, parking and other fees are not included. We will make one ticket donation per year per organization.

Due to unprecedented need within our community, the donation request processing time has increased dramatically. Please send requests at least two months prior to the event. If approved, donations will be mailed within one week of the event.

How to request a donation

To be considered for a donation, use the request form below.

We must receive the request at least three weeks prior to the date of the event. Because of the volume of requests, we are unable to answer inquiries about requests by phone; we will mail tickets to eligible organizations within two weeks.

Online Application

Please fill out the form below to request a charitable donation from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Contact Info

The address information you provide should be where you want to receive your donation, if granted.

Event Details

Beneficiary Details