Butterfly Icon (9k) Anthony Wayne School
Defiance, Ohio


My name is Tim Suffel.  I am in the second grade 
at Anthony Wayne School in Defiance, OHio. 
We are collecting the milk weed caterpillars
in our room and watching them spin there 
crysalis and hopefully next week, we will 
see the monarch butterflies come out.

Everyday our teacher, Mrs. Held asks us a 
"What's It?" Question.  Today our question 
is "What butterfly looks like the monarch 
butterfly?"  We have tried encyclopedias 
and now the net and cannot find the answer.  
Could you help us with this question? 
I need to know by Sunday night to get my 
answer written down for Monday morning.  
I hope someone can help.  

Thank you.

Tim Suffel


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