New Assignment
Sidetrip to Boston
After school I went on a tour of Boston and Cambridge with Ms. Newman, 
Bonnie and Ms. King. We started in Cambridge at Harvard University (I got 
to wear a cap and gown). We took pictures in Harvard Yard and Harvard 
Square. From there we went to the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library in 
Dorchester (part of Boston). After more photos we visited the Boston Tea 
Party. This is where the colonists threw tea into the harbor because they 
refused to pay any more taxes.
Frankie photo (12k)
Harvard Square 
and the coop!
Frankie photo (12k)
In Harvard Yard
at the John Harvard
Frankie Image (9k)
On the Cambridge side 
of Charles River with 
the Boston skyline in 
the background.
Frankie image (9k)
JFK Library 
Image (9k)
Boston Tea 
Frankie photo (12k)
Boston Tea 
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