The Mission
Frankie's Mission

Travel to Mexico to learn about the country, their culture 
and the migrating Monarch butterflies.

Sara McClintic 
[email protected]
(304) 497-2921
Bear photo (17k)
This is a photo of Frankie getting 
his "mission."  He has since read 
many books and articles about 
butterflies and their migration 

Other Roving Reporters -
Clem - the Iditarod in Alaska.
Toby - Dallas with the NFL Cowboys.
Rudy - 2nd grade class in Germany.
G.R. - is traveling the state of WV 
       in less than 80 days.
Frankie is coming to you from Frankford Elementary School in West Virginia. We are a rural community located in Greenbrier Valley. Beautiful mountains surround us. This makes skiing quite popular here. We also enjoy the following sports: soccer, football, basketball and baseball. Scouting and 4-H are enjoyed here too. We experience four seasons here. We are now experiencing winter. Snow and cold temperatures have prevented us from coming to school. When we are at school, we have fun. We compete in many areas too - Spelling bee, battle of the books, young writer's, art and math. Even though our school isn't new we do have technology. Each classroom has at least two computers. Our technology center houses additional ones. Frankie hopes to find the monarch butterflies that left here in the Fall of '96. We enjoyed locating the caterpillars on milkweed, feeding them, watching them turn into a chrysalis, and then witness a beautiful monarch butterfly emerge. Hopefully he'll return with some of our butterflies in the Spring!
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