Touring Papalote 
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Papalote (9k)

Papalote (9k)

Papalote (9k)
We went to Papalote Museo del Niño.  It is hard to get used 
to eating a big meal at lunch time.  The museum closes at 1:00 
and then re-opens later after siesta (nobody called it that).  
I think they called it something that started with the letter-c.  
Maybe someone else will remember what the word was.

Papalote was really BIG!  
It was so colorful.  They have thousands of school kids 
visiting each day.  My favorite parts were the giant 
rainforest tree, the monarch buttefly wall and the 
Mexican musical instruments.  They also had a tent 
outside where you could go on an archaeological dig.   
The museums logo is a butterfly.

After two more crazy taxi rides - we arrived back at the hotel.

Quick Nap!
And then back out to learn more about Mexico City.
There are lots of monuments around the town.  The streets 
are always crowded with people and cars.

Later that night -
Walked to a local tourist restaurant.  Traditional Mexican 
Dancers entertained us.  The iguana dance was most interesting.

*Note - The Science Museum of Minnesota had a giant Iguana 
they call "Iggy" outside in a plaza.  The iguana was made by a 
17 year old boy - out of railroad spikes.

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