Maya of San Andrés Larráinzar

The Tzotzil-speaking town of San Andrés Larráinzar has one of the oldest and most stable weaving traditions in the Chiapas Highlands. The main motifs of San Andrés, especially the grand design and the toad, are reminiscent of the patterns used by the Ancient Maya of Yaxchilán, a city of the Classic Maya Period (300-900 A.D.) in lowland Chiapas. As members of the Chiapas weaver's cooperative, Sna Jolobil , the women of San Andrés collect and study old textiles and give classes in the ancient art of natural dyes. Like the Tzeltal-speaking weavers of Tenejapa, the women of San Andrés are leaders in the revival of Chiapas brocade
(above right) Rosha Hernandez at a meeting of the Sna Jolobil, comparing natural dye colors.

Textile Design

(above left) Detail of a huipil showing Grand Design.
(above right) Detail of a huipil showing Earthlord design.

(above right) White cotton bag brocaded in red, blue, orange and green cotton.

Maya of Highland Chiapas

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