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Erin Mortenson
Erin Mortenson

Erin Mortenson, Laboratory Technician II

B.S., University of Wisconsin at River Falls: (Conservation/Environmental Science), 2001

Phone: (651) 433-5953 ext. 21

Research Interests

Erin MortensonI joined the scientific team at SCWRS in 2002 as Laboratory Technician II. In 2001, I received a B.S. in conservation (environmental science) with a minor in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin--River Falls. Study areas of concentration included land use planning, hydrology, ecology, and analytical chemistry. I was involved in undergraduate research projects relating to natural resources and environmental assessment, including a study to determine the effectiveness of water conservation techniques in agriculture to address global water shortage issues and a baseline assessment of Pine Tree Pond in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

I'm thrilled to be studying and exploring issues right in my own backyard, having grown up in Cottage Grove, Washington County a few miles from the St. Croix River - and at the same time, connecting with projects spanning the globe.

As Laboratory Technician, I assist the laboratory manager and other scientists in analyses for a variety of projects. The majority of my work takes place in the Lead 210 lab where I perform radioisotopic dating for sediment cores from around the world. Additionally, I prepare sediments, perform carbon and color analyses on surface and bog well water and assist the laboratory manager in nitrate and phosphate analyses. I also perform field research; Lab manager Jill Coleman Wasik and I have taken over much of our Valley Creek project, monitoring the protected trout stream in Afton, Minnesota on monthly field visits. I also manage our Valley Creek database.