Game Changers photos

Dance Central

Dance Central developer Alex Rigopulos is one of the designers featured in Game Changers, a brand new exhibit that introduces visitors of all ages to the bright minds behind their favorite video games. Game Changers, which features a multiplayer stage for a largescale version of Dance Central, runs from February 15 through May 5 at the Science Museum of Minnesota.


In the Game Changers exhibit, which opens February 15 at the Science Museum of Minnesota, visitors will explore the history of gaming through interviews with designers and more than 100 playable games. They’ll begin with the “golden age of arcade games,” when traditional mechanics gave way to computers and innovations like the joy stick and the side scroller. As they progress through time, they’ll delve into the art and science of building and controlling worlds through games like Minecraft.

Fruit Ninja

Developers at Halfbrick Studios created the popular Fruit Ninja, one of more than 100 playable games in the Game Changers exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Visitors of all ages will love their walk through decades of gaming history and seeing the world of video games through the eyes of some of the most influential game developers and designers. Game Changers runs from February 15 through May 5.

World of Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft is one of the games featured in the new Game Changers exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Visitors of all ages will explore the development of video game culture and discover the creativity, ingenuity, and boundary-pushing that has propelled the industry forward. Game Changers opens on February 15 and runs through May 5, 2019.

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