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Youth Classes & Camps

Did you know that the Science Museum offers unparalleled year-round class and camp opportunities for kids ages three to 16? From veterinary medicine to volcanoes to kitchen chemistry, Science Museum kids' classes combine science lessons with unforgettable hands-on learning opportunities. Learn More

Homeschool Programs

Our homeschool families love to learn at the museum. Let your child follow their own interests through the exhibits, or download a free Educator Guide to help structure your family's experience. Learn More

Overnight Camp-Ins

Get ready for the best night you'll ever have! Science Museum Overnight Camp-Ins combine exhibit exploration, larger-than-life films, live theater performances, workshops, and a chance to campout with the dinosaurs! Learn More

Computer Education Center

The Science Museum's Computer Education Center has a 20 year track record of training computer users of all experience and skill levels. Whether you're learning how to navigate the web or keeping up with the latest web design software, you'll find a class to suit your needs. Learn More

Learning Technologies Center

In the Learning Technologies Center at the Science Museum, research on digital technology comes together with hands-on instruction. Check out a variety of classes for kids and teens that integrate art, media and technology. Learn to design a computer game, build a robotic sculpture or compose a song. Explore online activities, and participate in programs that show how digital technologies can be used to learn about the world around you. Learn More

Science Buzz

Dig deeper into science headlines at Science Buzz, the Science Museum's vibrant online science learning community. Share your thoughts about science in the news, meet scientists whose research is touching our lives today, and more. Learn More