Big Impact, Small Footprint | Science Museum of Minnesota

Big Impact, Small Footprint

Effective exhibitions in 400 square feet.

Hands-on STEM learning

  • Interactive, fun, and family-friendly
  • Age-appropriate for children and adults
  • Engaging, relevant STEM content
  • Evaluated with visitors

Smart, flexible design

  • Freestanding components and graphics
  • Appealing materials and neutral color palette
  • Safe, comfortable, and accessible
  • Bilingual English-Spanish

Easy installation and maintenance

  • All elements fit through regular doors and passenger elevators
  • Setup uses basic tools and takes just a few hours
  • Durable materials and mechanisms minimize maintenance

Low cost

  • Production of multiple, identical copies keeps costs low
  • Price range $50,000-$75,000


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Contact Catherine McCarthy at [email protected] for more information.