Mental Health: Mind Matters

Mental Health: Mind Matters is the Science Museum of Minnesota’s newest traveling exhibition offering. Initially created by Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, Mental Health: Mind Matters has been updated and modified for the North American audience.

Good mental health is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Like physical illness, mental illness is not a “choice” or a personal flaw but a medical condition that requires care. In 2014, the National Institute of Mental Health reported there were an estimated 43.6 million adults aged 18 or older in the United State with a mental illness in the previous year—18.1% of all U.S. adults. Yet misunderstanding of mental illness often leads to lack of treatment and needless suffering. That makes mental health a personal issue, a social issue and an economic issue.

Much as the traveling exhibition RACE: Are We So Different? created a safe place for conversations around race and racism, Mental Health: Mind Matters will create a safe space for important conversations about mental illness. Misconceptions and stigma lead to prejudice and discrimination. This exhibition and related programming can help make it OK to talk about mental health. Mental illness touches all our lives in some way, making Mental Health: Mind Matters an important resource.

5,000 sq. ft. Exhibit Features

  • Designed for families and teens
  • Visitors will be given a real sense of the symptoms of common types of mental illness
  • Engaging interactive content – boutique-style engagement spaces
  • 24-hour technical support
  • An exhibitor friendly, turnkey operation
  • Flexible Terms

Lease Terms

  • Booking deposit
  • Installation period of 10 days for installation and 8 days for take down
  • Host provides set-up & take-down crew of 6
  • Certificates of insurance
  • Deposit required upon booking
  • Host institution pays inbound shipping for 3 trailer loads

Traveling Exhibition Venue Schedule

LocationOpen DateClose DateStatus
Saint Paul, MN (Premiere)May 2018January 2019Booked
Des Moines, IAJanuary 2018April 2019Booked
Rochester, MNMay 2019September 2019Booked
Montreal, QCOctober 2019January 2020Booked
Fort Collins, COSeptember 2020January 2021Booked
Richmond, VAJanuary 2021August 2021Booked
Fort Collins, COSeptember 2021January 2022Booked
Charlotte, NCJanuary 2022April 2022Booked
Austin, TXApril 2022July 2022Booked
AvailableAugust 2022January 2023Available
Kalamazoo, MIFebruary 2023June 2023Available
AvailableJune 2023September 2023Available

Note: Tentative bookings are not listed online. Please contact us to confirm the availability of the venue of your choice.

Tour will continue based on demand and availability.

More information to come.

Mental Health: Mind Matters Exhibit

Mind Matters: Mental Health
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Contact Amber Stevenson at or (651) 221-4737 for more information.

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