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Super Structures

About this Experience

Build human-scale structures of great height and strength. Working in teams, students explore the strengths of different shapes made with dowels and rubber bands. Students will use investigation and their knowledge of geometry to build strong towers or bridges that can withstand a load of up to 8 pounds. Apply engineering principles to build a SUPER STRUCTURE.

Minimum/Maximum class size: 16/32 students

Learning Goals
  • Students will experience the relative strengths of different geometric shapes and how they carry the loads they experience.
  • Students will cooperatively problem solve and apply their knowledge to engineer a solution to a problem.
  • Students explain their reasoning and decision-making process used in creating free-standing structures.
  • Geometric principles can be applied to help solve real-world challenges.

Reservation Information

Museum Admission plus Additional Fee
Specific Cost
$6 per student
Reservation Required
Grade Level
6, 7, 8
Academic Standard Strand
Nature of Science & Engineering
Physical Science
Geometry & Measurement
Experience Type
Learning Lab
Run Time
50 minutes
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Only at the Science Museum of Minnesota