About this Experience

Sparks fly, hair stands on end, and students are shocked as we demonstrate the science and technology of electricity! They'll create a human circuit to demonstrate the movement of charges and discover how magnets help create electricity.


PROGRAM OPTIONS: Electricity is available as either a large group assembly or an in-depth residency.

ASSEMBLY MAX: 250 students

DURATION: 50 minutes (all 3-5 assemblies)

Learning Goals
  • Materials may be composed of parts that are too small to see yet can produce visible effects such as movement, light, heat and sound.
  • Similar to magnets, electrically charged objects may either push or pull, exerting a force on other objects.
  • When electrical charges move in a continuous current through objects and materials, a complete circuit is created and observable results may occur.
  • Electricity can be generated using magnets and a magnet can be produced using an electric current.
  • Electrical engineers design technologies that impact the way people move, use light, generate heat, and create sound.
  • Scientists and engineers keep safety in mind as they design experiments and technologies.

Reservation Information

Specific Cost
$325 first assembly, $275 subsequent assemblies, $125 residency class. Travel fees may apply.
Reservation Required
Grade Level
3, 4, 5
Academic Standard Strand
Physical Science
Experience Type
In-School Assembly
Run Time
50 minutes
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
At Your School
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