Engineering Family Nights | Science Museum of Minnesota

Engineering Family Nights

A fun and interactive engineering experience for your entire school community, each 90-minute family event includes an interactive presentation and time for families to explore hands-on activity stations.

Be Creative, Be an Engineer
We are all born engineers—fascinated with building, exploring new technologies, and discovering how things work. Bring your creativity to life by experimenting with materials and designing, building, and creating solutions to engineering challenges. Activity stations include Foam Bridges, Wind Tube Flyers, Design a Belt, Water Tension activities, and Tower Design.

Carnival of Engineering
Step right up to explore engineering and technology! Experience a school carnival in a whole new way as the Science Museum puts an engineering twist on traditional carnival games. Activity stations include a reimagined frog flinger, cantilever building challenge, flinkers, the hand crane game, giant slide, and rollercoasters in a tube.

Fee (1.5-hour): $395 (travel fees may apply)
Maximum Number of Participants: 150, unless otherwise negotiated with the Science Museum
Grade Level: K-5 students and their families

Contact the Science Museum’s Engineering is Elementary team at or (651) 221-4540 for more information.