Recommended Light Levels

Very Light Sensitive: color photographs, dried plants, dyed leather, feathers, fur, stamps, textiles, watercolor paintings Keep light under 50 lux and 12,000 lux hours per year
Light Sensitive: black and white photographs, bone, horn/baleen, ivory, leather, oil paintings, rawhide, wood Keep light under 150 lux and 100,000 lux hours per year
Not Light Sensitive: ceramic, glass, metal, stone Light can be above 150 lux and exposure can be indefinite

What can you do at home?

lady drawing the curtains
  • Keep wood furniture and upholstery away from direct sunlight. Draw blinds or curtains during the brightest part of the day.
  • Display light-sensitive objects and art in darker areas of the home.
  • Frame your photographs or paintings with glass or Plexiglas designed to filter harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Minimize exposure for light-sensitive display objects by giving them a rest in the dark from time to time.

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