Statement on Global Climate Change

The Science Museum of Minnesota is committed to presenting the most scientifically sound principles in its exhibits and educational programs and to helping its audiences stay informed about the latest scientific insights that will shape their lives. Because of this commitment, the museum presents information about global climate change as a fundamental element of scientific literacy and critical thinking.

Measured data and unbiased assessments made by many institutions worldwide have led to a strong, scientific consensus that “The warming in the climate system is unequivocal.”1. Changes in the atmosphere above land, over oceans, and across ice-covered regions have been detected as significant deviations from natural climate variability and have been attributed to the measured increases in heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere.

The museum will continue to present peer-reviewed scientific understandings of natural and human-induced changes to Earth’s climate and the best scientific forecasts of how these changes will affect weather, natural resources, the environment, and human welfare. While the understanding of the drivers and consequences of climate change will continue to advance with additional research, the fundamental premise remains sound that human life has altered the atmosphere and is one of the causes of climate change. This premise is supported by a large, robust and expanding compilation of scientific evidence.

1. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2007.

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