what do you see in this painting?
james mellart's cartoon head
James Mellaart saw a volcano when he excavated this mural in the 1960s:

"A clearer picture of a volcano in eruption could hardly have been painted: the fire coming out of the top, lava streams from vents at its base, clouds of smoke and glowing ash hanging over its peak . . ."
-James Mellart
Project Director (1960's)

photo of tristan carter Tristan Carter, a chipped stone tool specialist working at Çatalhöyük today, sees leopard skin:
"I'm not sure; in some ways it looks quite a lot like the leopard skins that were painted elsewhere."
-Dr.Tristan "Stringy" Carter
leopard mural example Mural depicting leopard skin.
Each mural at Çatalhöyük presents this sort of mystery. Explore some of the murals yourself and see what you think they might have represented to the people who painted them.

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