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Richard J. Oehlenschlager

Richard J. Oehlenschlager, Assistant Curator/Collections Manager for Biology

Phone: (651) 221-9450

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Richard J. Oehlenschlager holds the position of Assistant Curator and Collections Manager for Biology. Local research projects have consisted of field and census surveys of voles and other small mammals, bird banding, and the collecting of botanical, herpetological, entomological, avian, and mammalogical specimens. Field studies have also taken Oehlenschlager to Mexico for a bird study in a region of rain forest removal, and to the Antarctic for seal and bird research in conjunction with NSF. In official honor of his Antarctic research participation, the geographical place name Oehlenschlager Bluff was given to the Antarctic Landmark at 75 03S 136 42W. At the Science Museum, Oehlenschlager has prepared thousands of biological study specimens and skeletal material for the collections. He has also served as technical and content consultant to the museum's Exhibits Department for the Antarctic and Our Minnesota exhibits, and assisted in preparation of the Raptors Exhibit.

Selected Publications

Oehlenschlager, Richard and Ronald L. Huber. 2002. The Flora and Fauna of Wadena County, Minnesota Part I: The Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea) of Wadena County, Minnesota. Scientific Publications of The Science Museum of Minnesota 8(1).

Winker, K., P. Escalante, J.H. Rappole, M.A. Ramos, R.J. Oehlenschlager and D.W. Warner. "Periodic migration and low-land forest refugia in a "sedentary" neotropical bird, Wetmore's Bush-Tanger." Conservation Biology 11(3), June 1997: 692-697.

Oehlenschlager, R.J., N. Vanderbosch and F. Jannett, Jr. "Bird Observations at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP), Arden Hills, 1995 and 1996." Loon 69(2), Summer 1997: 57-61.