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Brownie Girl Scouts

Brownie Girl ScoutsLooking for a unique way to complete Skill Builder and Legacy Badges? The Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center has developed programs pecifically designed to exceed all Brownie badge requirements. As a special bonus, the girls will actually receive their Skill Builder or Legacy Badges at the end of the course! WNC Originals are programs designed to cover topic areas above and beyond the badge requirements of Girl Scouts. Each WNC Original program includes a "fun patch" the girls can wear on the back of their uniform. Classes are just $120 per troop for a 2-hour program. Troops of 15 or more pay just $8 per girl.

In addition to the badges mentioned above we also offer snowshoeing, maple syruping, orienteering, winter tracking, aquatic ecology, stargazing, canoeing, raptor programs and more.

All of these programs are set up for your group on a custom basis. Please call us with a few possible dates you would like to visit us and we'll check the availability of staff and building space. Contact our Outreach Naturalist at or (651) 433-2427 ext. 13 to reserve dates. We look forward to having you here!

NEW! Brownie Starwatch
Awards Connection: WNC Original (formerly Space Explorer Try-It)
Come join us in this evening of stars, stories and telescopes and crafts. We'll start out our evening exploring the stars and constellations through stories. Learn how to find the north star, learn how to identify and remember constellations and more. If the weather permits, we'll even head outside to find our new constellation friends in the sky and look at the moon or planets through a large telescope. Every girl will receive the Stargazing fun Patch for free at the end of this two hour program. If it is cloudy we will enjoy the stars in our inflatable planetarium.

NEW! Senses Skill Builder
Awards Connection: It's Your World: Senses Skill Builder
Explore your senses. We'll see how animals can identify their young though smell. We'll explore trees using touch. We'll find out about animal ears and we'll even make our own maps of how our tongues taste the world! Each girl will receive the It's Your Planet: Senses Skill Builder badge as part of the program.

NEW! Hiker Skill Builder (for Brownie Girl Scouts)
Awards Connection: It's Your Planet: Skill Builder (formerly Outdoor Adventurer Try-It
Learn what it takes to hike in the woods and earn your Hiker Skill Builder Badge. We'll plan our route, learn about hiking gear and make a "walking salad" before heading out on our hike. When we reach our destination we'll use a spotting scope to spy on an active bald eagle nest and then we'll learn about leave no trace ethics before choosing a new route home. Program is two hours in length and includes the badge.

Brownie Fossil Hunter
Awards Connection: WNC Original
Join a naturalist from the Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center on a fossil hunt near the banks of the Mississippi. We meet at Lilydale Regional Park in St. Paul to explore sites rich in fossils from over 400 million years ago! Take home a few fossils you find to start or add to your collection. There's no better way celebrate the beginning of summer!

NEW! Bugs Legacy Badge
Explore the world of bugs with a bug expert! We'll make a bug craft, see some of the bugs from the museum's permanent collection, sweep net in the wild prairie to find all kinds of critters that call the grasses and flowers home and we'll learn how scientists put bugs into groups so they can study and learn more about them. You'll complete everything you need to do to get the Bugs Skill Builder; each girl will receive the Bugs naturalist legacy badge as part of the program.