Camps & Classes Participant Waiver

By registering for a Science Museum of Minnesota class or camp, you are agreeing to the following:

Participant Waiver

I understand and agree that I am participating in the Science Museum’s programs voluntarily and at my own risk. I will not hold the Science Museum of Minnesota, their officers, directors, or employees, and any other participant liable for any negligence or alleged negligence or other fault (not including intentional acts) that results in personal injury, death, or property damage during or in connection with the above program. The undersigned, for myself and for my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby releases and forever discharges the Science Museum of Minnesota, their directors, officers, and employees, and all other participants from all such claims. This waiver will be construed according to the law of the State of Minnesota.

Medical Release

I, the undersigned, hereby give my permission for the Science Museum of Minnesota to procure all necessary medical help for myself, my child or ward while said person is under the direct supervision of the Science Museum of Minnesota and grant permission to its representatives to authorize any competent medical person to do all things reasonably necessary to take care of any injury or sickness. I authorize the Science Museum of Minnesota staff to administer medication that I provide. I will ensure that I or my child carries the medication on his or her person at all times. There is no health insurance or medical coverage provided. Acceptance of these policies acknowledges that the participant/guardian accepts responsibility for payment of any medical treatment which may be required while they are in this program. I agree to the above participant waiver and medical release.


My program registration implies permission to take photographs or videos of participants for Science Museum of Minnesota promotional or publicity purposes (such as brochures, annual reports, web pages, exhibit displays, newspapers, magazines, or television news). If I wish to revoke this permission, I will make a request in writing by emailing prior to participation in any camp or class.

For questions regarding camps and classes or to request a written copy of the waiver, email or call (651) 221-4511.

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