Questions About Volunteering

Who volunteers at the Science Museum?
The Science Museum has volunteers of varied ages helping in nearly every aspect of the museum. The one common thread that ties every volunteer together is that each is a lifelong learner, wishing to share his or her love of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with every visitor.

What qualities does a good volunteer possess?
First and foremost, as a good volunteer, you must be passionate about the area in which you will be assisting. Each volunteer must love learning and educating others on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Good Science Museum volunteers do their best to ensure that each visitor’s experience exceeds all expectations.

Science Museum volunteers work with people of all ages and personalities, so good candidates must be patient with visitors, as well as energetic and passionate about the topics they will be discussing with young children and families.

Overall, good volunteers will care about the community in which they’ll be investing their resources. They’ll be creating a positive work environment and a valuable learning atmosphere for every visitor.

What kinds of opportunities are there at the museum?
The main areas in which ongoing volunteer opportunities exist are:

  • Exhibit Gallery Interpreters
  • School Group Greeters
  • Special Event Helpers
  • Clerical Assistants
  • Office Assistant
  • Trail Guide

Other volunteer opportunities arise as new programs and projects arrive at the museum.

Do I need training?
Training is an essential and mandatory part of being a volunteer at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Volunteers working in the exhibit galleries and as school group greeters must attend an information session and up to 15 hours of training in their specific area of work. Volunteers typically take Introduction to the Science Museum of Minnesota and Volunteer Orientation. In addition, most positions have on-the-job training.

How much of a commitment does the museum expect out of me?
We ask volunteers to devote four hours per week or four hours every other weekend to helping in their area.

In return for the extensive training they receive, we expect volunteers to commit for a minimum of one year or to stay for the duration of the exhibit, depending on whether the exhibit is permanent or temporary.

Are there any benefits for volunteering at the Science Museum?
Volunteers get valuable benefits in exchange for the donation of their time and skills at the museum.

Included are:

  • Tickets to the Omnitheater and exhibit galleries
  • 20% discount at the museum store
  • Free parking during volunteer shifts
  • Free or reduced rates to enrichment workshops and lectures
  • Discounts to hundreds of entertainment and business venues nationwide
  • Environment of fun, curiosity, and lifelong-learning
  • Supporting one of the finest science museums in the nation

Are there any age restrictions for volunteering?
Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.

If a volunteer under 16 years of age wishes to work in a museum, the Minnesota Children’s Museum and the Minnesota Historical Society accept younger volunteers.

Where do I park while working at the Science Museum? Will I have to pay for parking?
Volunteers park for free while they are working or attending trainings.

Volunteers may park in the main parking ramp off of Kellogg Boulevard, which is attached to the museum. Visitors to the museum park in this ramp, as well.

How can I sign up to be a Science Museum volunteer?
Apply online to become a volunteer. Contact the volunteer department at (651) 221-9453 or with questions.

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