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Mississippi River Gallery

The Mississippi River Gallery explores the history and the environment of the Mississippi River.


Collectors' Corner
Kids, start your collections! At the Collectors' Corner, you can bring in two natural objects you've discovered and trade them for other things—rocks, skulls, shells, or insects. Earn points for what you know about your discovery, and spend those points on specimens or save them to use later.

At the Collectors' Corner you will also find:

Be a news anchor! Sit in front of a camera and read a science news story. Family and friends can watch on screen.

Gallery Highlights

Mississippi River GalleryThe Mississippi River! Don't miss the beautiful vista of the mighty Mississippi river from the gallery. You might see an eagle or peregrine falcon soaring or tow boats pushing barges. Use the telescope for a closer look at the river.

River Pilot Simulator: Test your skills at maneuvering a barge down the river.

Sewer Pipe: Walk through a city sewer pipe and learn where wastewater goes. Check out the strange collection of items that got flushed down the toilet and ended up at the treatment plant.

The Charles E. Towboat: Tour an authentic river towboat. Climb into the pilothouse and put your hands on the controls. Get a great view of the river valley.

Weather Exhibits: Weather exhibits are located in the Mississippi River Gallery and in the Experiment gallery of the museum. In the Mississippi River Gallery, weather exhibits explain Warm and Cold Fronts, Dew Point, the Seasons and Clouds.

Learn More About the Mississippi River

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area: The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, part of the National Park Service, was established in 1988 and covers 72 miles from the cities of Dayton and Ramsey to south of Hastings, Minnesota.

Big River Student Art Contest: Take some time to look over the winning entries of the 2013 Big River Art Contest. Hosted by the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, the Big River Art Contest accepts artwork submissions from 4th-6th grade students depicting the Mississippi River, its environment, and its conservation. Winners can also be viewed online.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers® Mississippi Locks and Dams: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for operating and maintaining all locks and dams along the Mississippi River. The St. Paul District operates 13 locks beginning at Upper St. Anthony Falls in downtown Minneapolis and ending at Lock and Dam 10 in Guttenberg, Iowa.