Accessibility & Amenities

We are committed to making our exhibitions, Omnitheater films, programs, and services accessible to everyone, including those with special needs.


There are 18 designated accessible parking spaces located in the museum’s parking ramp. Vehicles up to 8’ tall can park in this ramp. Nearby ramps also have accessible parking.


The museum’s entrance is located on Kellogg Boulevard and may be reached from the street or from the museum’s parking ramp. The entrance has automatic doors and has no exterior or interior steps. It is approximately 100 feet from Kellogg Boulevard to the entry doors.

Wheelchair Entrance

If you are dropping off someone in a wheelchair, we recommend doing so in our parking ramp on whatever level is most convenient. If you are in the ramp for under 15 minutes you will not be charged upon departure.

Food and Beverage Facilities

The museum has three food service facilities, located on levels 3, 5 and 6. All of these facilities are accessible. Learn more and view menus.


Elevators serving all levels are located throughout the building. Doors stay open 11 seconds. There is an audible floor change signal.

Public Restrooms

Accessible restrooms are available throughout the building. All Gender and Family restrooms are located on level 4 behind the We Move and We Stay Native American exhibit. An adult changing facility is also available. Please speak to staff for assistance.


Lockers are located in the lobby and vary in cost from $1.00, $.75, or $.50 in exact change. Lockers do not accept $1 bills, but a change machine is available near our vending machines at the front of our lobby.


Strollers are available for rent at the Box Office for $2.

  • Closed captioning is available for Living in the Age of Airplanes. Interested visitors may inquire at the Box Office or when making ticket reservations.
  • Amplified Audio Units and written scripts are available for the Omnitheater.
  • Audio Description or DVS Theatrical® is available for most Omnitheater films. Inquire at the Box Office or call (651) 221-9444.
  • Wheelchair and companion seating are available in the Omnitheater.
  • If your group is bringing your own sign language interpreter, special lighting for is available with one week notice. Call (651) 221-9444.
Sensory Friendly Resources

Noise dampening headphones are available for visitor use on a first come, first served basis. Speak to a staff member at the Exhibits or Omnitheater entrances for access. On Sunday, August 26, the 9 a.m. show is designated a Sensory Friendly show. Enjoy a lights-up, sound-down Omnitheater experience. Learn more.

Quiet spaces: The back hallway of the RACE exhibit on level 4 (near the all gender and family restrooms) has seating and is quieter and away from the gallery floor. Restrooms and drinking fountains are located nearby. There is also quiet seating on level 3 in the hallway in back of the Experiment Gallery (past the brown bear).

Access Services
  • TTY phone number (651) 221-4585.
  • The Science Museum has wheelchairs available for loan. Inquire at the Box Office or ask a staff member.
  • Admission is free for working Personal Care Attendants when they’re visiting with a client.
  • Sign language interpreters can be arranged with one week notice. Call (651) 221-9444.
  • Many exhibits are hands-on or have hands-on components.
  • Many exhibits have open or closed captioning.
  • Museum Lobby Geography
  • Exhibit Gallery Geography
  • Education Commons Geography

The museum’s website is WAI and Section 508 compliant.

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