Support for Educators


How we can help

Our expert staff is here to work with you to find innovative applications for Lending Library materials that enhance your curriculum, build expertise with workshops and hands-on activities, connect educators with external partners, and more. Not sure where to start? We can help!

We are available for consultation by appointment during regular Library hours. Consultations may include finding appropriate Lending Library materials that support your learning goals, training in how to use equipment, lesson ideas, and correlation to state standards.

We also create professional growth opportunities around popular topics and coordinate Guest Workshops including Vernier Software & Technology, the Department of Natural Resources, and others.



Upcoming Events

All sessions held at the Science Museum of Minnesota unless otherwise noted.


Looking for Engineering is Elementary teacher workshops? Contact or call (651) 221-4540 for more information.



Our Staff

Karla Ollanketo
Karla has been at the museum since 2007, where she began as an instructor and curriculum developer. She has been a librarian in the Lending Library since 2017. She has a Life Science Education degree from the University of Minnesota, and has taught biology and environmental biology. Karla is especially interested in creative uses of items for interdisciplinary learning, and is always on the lookout for ways to maximize limited resources. She loves playing all sorts of games, with Minecraft being one of her enduring favorites.

Sam Glick
Sam has been at the museum since 2014, when they began as an instructor, and has been a librarian in the Lending Library since 2017. Sam has developed curricula for physics-, robotics-, and earth science-based summer camps. They have a Bachelor's in Physics from Iowa State University, and a passion for other aspects of science, including astronomy and geology. They are in their 13th year as an active volunteer with the FIRST robotics organization and their 6th season at the Renaissance Festival.

Max Rowntree
Max has been at the museum since 2011, when he began as a volunteer in the Dinosaur and Fossil Gallery during the week, and in the Lending Library on Saturdays. In 2012, he became a staff member of the Lending Library. Max is most knowledgeable about skulls, fossils, and rocks. Max was born with Spina Bifida, and it has made it so he thinks and learns in a different way. It has also made it so he understands what other people with disabilities go through.

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