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Annual Support - Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Dear Friend,

The Earth's rotation is not something we think about very often, but every day our planet continues its elliptical orbit around the sun. While our perceptions change as to how slow or fast the days go by, the Earth is consistently traveling quite quickly, approximately 67,000 miles per hour. As each day passes and we continue on our annual journey around the sun, the Science Museum of Minnesota persistently serves school children on field trips, families on visits and researchers as they make exciting discoveries. We impact many segments of our community, but we can't achieve greatness alone.

Our year here at the museum seems to move quickly as well—exhibits come and go, Omnitheater films premiere and then move on their schedule to other museums around the world. The Science Museum's Annual Fund provides us with the much needed revenue to bring exciting exhibits and educational programming to the community. We need you to help fund our ambitious initiatives.

Great Tix: Our Great Tix and Great Members programs provided 45,000 free or reduced rate tickets to low income families. This program ensures access to all members of our community.

Science House: The Science Museum's Teacher Resource Center is a leading provider of teacher education in the state, providing 12,544 contact hours.

Collections: The Science Museum cares for 1.75 million natural history artifacts and specimens. Bones, birds, butterflies, bugs—we preserve these specimens for research and display. We also house a variety of textiles, masks and pottery.

Science Research: Our scientific staff directed or participated in 49 research projects and published peer reviewed journal articles and 20 books.

Three Sisters Garden: Our staff plants beans to fix nitrogen in the soil, corn which acts as a trellis for the beans, and squash, a natural shade plant.

Please join us in supporting the Science Museum's Annual Fund. Your contribution is a fundamental facet to the success of this institution—it is greatly needed and well appreciated. As our community of global citizens travel around the sun, you can rest easy knowing your gift to the Science Museum is helping our corner of the planet.

Warm regards,

Eric J. Jolly

Eric J. Jolly, Ph.D.