Archaeology curator Dr. Ed Fleming digs deep to uncover objects that reveal stories about America’s past.

In the area extending from central Mexico into modern-day Central America, the large stone monuments of pre-Columbian civilizations signaled power, tracked time, and aligned society with the cosmos.

People in our part of North America were interested in these same ideas, but they expressed them differently. They created earthen pyramids, animal-shaped mounds, structures made of wood or animal hides, and decorations on cave walls and rock outcroppings. How are these structures from different geographies connected?

In Science Superheroes, Vol. 2, you’ll see beautiful replica Mesoamerican monuments and discover what they meant to the cultures that created them. Then, you’ll delve into the work of Dr. Fleming. Through items his team has uncovered from the soil beneath our feet, you’ll learn about the history of the Upper Mississippi Valley and the connection these objects have with those of Mesoamerica. How did people live? How did they interact with their environment? How did they network with each other? Explore with us!

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