Social Science: Stranger Science

Thursday, February 22

6-10 p.m.

Party Like It’s 1984.

At this Stranger Things inspired event, we’ll take you back to simpler times when all you had was your walkie-talkie, your dirt bike, and a Demo-dog clawing a hole in your Jansport.

Make slime from the Upside-Down and play a giant Lite Brite. Simulate a sensory deprivation tank to see salt water buoyancy in action. Get a crash course in Dungeons & Dragons and catch a screening of The Magic Egg, one of the earliest computer animated short films from 1984.

Join the Social Science Journal Club!
Take part in this one-night, drop-in discussion regarding dinosaurs’ extraordinary size and what they’ve taught us about fossil-count and variation. Bone-up on your science reading before the event here.

Be sure to wear your Thunder Lizard hoodies for a group photo at 8:30pm!

It’s okay to be a kid at heart, but you’ll need to bring a valid 21+ ID to this Social Science event.

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Dungeons and Dragons 101
Time-warp back to 1983 and the early days of Dungeons & Dragons for a crash course in roleplaying games. Create a character, battle a creature, test your D&D know-how, and the first 100 visitors will take home a d20 treasure! Brought to you by Saturday Night Space Opera.

Guest Speaker: Reverend Matt Kessen
Part science. Part comedy. All monsters. Facts and background and comedy jokes about the monsters of the cinema of the 1980s - one of the finest decades of all for weird, original movie monsters!

Minnesota Archaeological Society
Have you ever seen strange patterns in rocks and thought it must be made by humans? Have you ever wondered how archaeologists can tell what is an artifact and what isn't? Come learn about strange encounters in archaeology and try your hand at identifying artifacts, too!

80’s Toy Museum
Blast from the Past: Check out your favorite play pieces from the 80’s. Bring back any favorite memories? Brought to you by SuperMonster市City!

And so much more...

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