Spark, Slime, and Speed

Sunday, February 17

Noon to 4 p.m.

National Engineers Week happens in February of each year. The Science Museum and the Society of Women Engineers invite visitors to celebrate during the Spark, Slime, and Speed event. With five interactive experiments representing different areas of engineering, the event will open kids’ eyes to the wonderful world of engineering and science. Kids will build and perform the experiments with the help of real engineers. Included in regular museum admission.

Spark – Maker Art Bots
Explore SPARK by create your own art with the use of LittleBit Art Robots.

Explore SLIME by making and coloring your own slime while learning how polymers form and their unique properties.

Speed – Marble Roller Coasters
Explore SPEED, while learning about potential and kinetic energy. Da Vinci Bridges - Explore and build one of Da Vinci's own bridge design using 3-D printed parts!

Additional Experiment – Bath Fizzies
Explore the fundamentals of the acid & base reaction while learning about process scale-up. Each child will help make a large batch of their own bath fizzies and package them to take-home.

Da Vinci Bridges
Explore and build one of Da Vinci's own bridge design using 3-D printed parts!

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