Make Connections

We met many interesting people on our trip to meet Vollis. We also found several interesting science and art connections along the way. Where would a trip like this take you?

We were working with fourth
graders, building wind-powered

We found Harrod Blank while looking
for a whirligig art car. He drove through
Vollis' place with his Camera Van.

Harrod told us about Suzanne Theiss at the Orange show who called Vollis' place "a staggering environment."

Suzanne told us about
Photographer Roger Manley
and this book. Vollis is in it!
We traveled to North Carolina
and met Vollis. His windmills
and whirligigs were "havin' a ball".

When we returned home
we had a lot of ideas for
Thinking Fountain.

This story is an SLN inquiry
science resource.

Vollis' wife Jean showed
us an article written
about Vollis' whirligig at
the Visionary Art Museum.

Vollis gave us this whirligig
to take home. We made a pop
bottle version with the fourth graders.

Toward the end of our trip we read
a newspaper article about the Kohlmeyers.
They recently discovered a spitting fungus!

We found windmill activities in this Internet resource.
We drove to see the spitting fungus.

From Windmills to Whirligigs / ©Science Museum of Minnesota 1996