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Teachers, students and families across North America are interested in the monarch
butterfly. Click on the butterflies to learn more about what they're doing.

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Photos from New Zealand
Highland Park (Tennessee)
Ross School (California)
Buckman Elementary (Oregon)
Avocado Elementary (Florida)
Museum Magnet (Minnesota)
Hosmer School (Massachusetts)
Frankford Elementary School (West Virginia)
Paplote, Museo del Niño (México)
Escuela Primaria Isaac Arriaga (México)

NEW! Clays Mill Elementary (Kentucky)
NEW! Jamie and Heather (Minnesota)
Mother and daughter in Sydney (Australia)
2nd graders at L. Roberts Elementary (Texas)
Norway Elementary (Michigan)
Vandyke Elementary (Minnesota)
The Madison Family (Pennsylvania)
Adam's School (Maine)
The Westra Family (Maine)
Forest View Elementary (North Carolina)
Instituto Inglés (México)
Anthony Wayne School (Ohio)
Lindsey and her Brownie troop (California)
Kathy Burke (California)


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