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Ross, California

Our 2nd grader's have quite a few questions about butterflies.
Photo of students (13k)
2nd grade students holding the paper
butterflies they made for students
in Angangueo, México.
1) How can you tell a Monarch butterfly from others that look like it? ("Copy cat butterflies")

2) Why do they live for such a short time?

3) How many Monarch butterflies are living today?

4) How do they fly?

5) How do they make their eggs stay on the milkweed plants? (what's the sticky stuff?)

6) How do the caterpillars make their cocoons?

7) Why can't the Monarch butterfly eat other kinds of plants? or Can they?

Ms. Wren's Second Grade Class
Ross School

In our Kindergarten Class we......

Orange dot (4k) Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar in spanish and english.

Orange dot (4k) Learn about symmetry by making paper butterflies.

Orange dot (4k) Raise critters that hatch from eggs (not just butterflies).

Orange dot (4k) Hosted a visit from Frankie, the traveling teddy bear reporter

Orange dot (4k) Sent our teacher to see the monarch sanctuaries in México

Marjie Prisco
Kindergarten Teacher

Class photo (9k)
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