Butterfly Icon (9k) Museum Magnet School
St Paul, Minnesota

Ms. Kindig's 3rd grade class at Museum Magnet School,
in Minnesota, raises monarch butterflies each fall and tracks
their migration in the spring.

3rd graders have.....

Orange dot (4k) Raised, tagged, and released monarchs
Orange dot (4k) Made butterfly observations in their journals.
Orange dot (4k) Learned about Mexico.
Orange dot (4k) Participated in Journey North
Orange dot (4k) Sent paper butterflies to México

Larvae drawing from journal (5k)

Small newspaper article (11k)
We were in the newspaper!

Jenna created a story
about her monarch
using KidPix.
Student with example of optical art (10k)
You can make metamorphosis
optical artwork like we did.
Click here to find out how.


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