Butterfly Icon (9k) Adam's School
Portland, Maine


We are a Kindergarten class from Portland Maine. 
We have a question about our chrysalis that we need
help answering. We noticed gold spots on our chrysalis 
(a little dot) and we don't know why it was there
or what it is called. We also wondered whether when 
the butterfly comes out of their chrysalis do they eat 
the golden dots? Can you help us learn more about our 

We also need advice about a butterfly that seems to be 
injured or sick. We don't think it can fly. It seems to 
have a hurt wing and our teacher is worried it can't 
eat either. We don't know what to do and thought maybe 
you could give us some support. Our classroom is not
hooked up to the internet yet so we had to use a 
teachers home computer but we will be able to keep 
checking in and can talk using the address [email protected].

Thank you and we love your site!

Mrs. Gray's class
Adams school
Portland ME 04101


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