Butterfly Icon (9k) Instituto Inglés
Saltillo Coahuila, México

I'm writing from México, actually, from one of the 
few schools that are really interested in protecting 
and learning more about the monarch butterfly, and 
it's migration route to Michoacán. My school is Instituto
Inglés, and we are in Saltillo Coahuila in México. 

Yesterday a group of 50 kids that are in 3rd and 4th 
grade went to the mountains of our city to mark 
butterflies, it was quite an experience!, we marked 
more than 200 butterflies. Hopefully, someone will 
find them on their way to Michoacán or to their way 
back to Canada. We will be very glad to hear from 
people from around México or The United States to 
share experiences and information.

E-mail us to this account:
[email protected]

or write us to the following adress:
Calle 20 #985
Fracc. Lourdes.
C.P. 25070
Saltillo, Coah. México.
Tel (84) 17-23-82

Thanks, and we'll be expecting for your experiences.
Ricardo Berlanga.


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