Butterfly Icon (9k) Vandyke Elementary School
Coleraine, Minnesota

We watched a movie about butterflies.  We saw the 
caterpiller turn into a chrysallis.  We were amazed 
to see his head fall off as this change happened.  
We saw the butterfly emerge from a cocoon.

We have a monarch butterfly in our second grade 
classroom.  We are going to make a travel map of 
the migration to show people who come to our 
Superior Trout Lake Fair on October 14.  We are 
making paper monarch butterflies to make to 
send to Mexico.  Mrs. Gelle showed us the 
monarch information on the Internet.  
We liked the pictures the best.

We would like to hear from you about things 
other classes are doing.  
Please write by email or to our address 
P O Box 570, Coleraine  MN  557222.  

Thank you.
Bonnie Gelle, Media Specialist
Vandyke Elementary School
[email protected]


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