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From: Karen Wilkinson [email protected]
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 

Hi Steve,

The photos are terrific!  I was so excited about them,
that I put a page together on the website. The image of 
the ant/chrysalis is so incredible (and quite sad).    

We guessed from your email address that you're in 
New Zealand, is this true?  

We have lots of questions related to your photos -  
Do you have lots of monarchs in your area? 
How did you get interested in monarchs? 
We received a message a few weeks ago from Tanya (who lived in 
Auckland but now is in Sydney).  She was wondering about the 
Wanderer butterfly, and why she hasn't seen one in Australia.  

Have you heard of the wanderer butterfly?  
Is it another name for monarch?
Are all ants a threat to the chrysalis?

Take a look at the page - if there is anything you'd like to 
add of change, let me know. 

Thanks for writing and sending the images.

From: Steve McElroy - [email protected] Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 Hi Karen, Thanks for the reply, and yes I am from New Zealand. There are a lot of monarch butterflies here. They can be found mostly where-ever there are swan plants. I don't know whether these plants are the same as your milkweed, but swan plants get a large number of pods, in themshape of a swan (where they get the name) and are full of seeds. Swan plants can be brought from most garden centers. I have a few plants, so there are always monarchs around in the summer months. Thanks for doing the page. I have some more attachments below to do with as you please. I don't know much about the wanderer, sorry. As for the threat from ants, some black ants are meat eaters and smell when squashed. The same type that got to the chrysalis.

Do you have questions about what you've read?


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