Butterfly Icon (9k) The Westra Family
from Yarmouth, Maine

I really enjoyed your work on the monarch 
butterfly. My daughter is in fourth grade and 
the monarch she has observed is almost ready 
to take flight here in Maine.  Can you tell me 
something about the course the monarch takes 
from here?

I direct an educational outreach program
for DeLorme mapping in Yarmouth, ME. Maybe 
we could work together to provide some maps
(perhaps even digital maps) of the monarch's 
journey.  We can be found at www.delorme.com.  
We are in the process of building what may 
be the worlds' largest rotating and revolving 
globe!  We use the globe to teach a variety 
of lessons to hundreds of visiting school 
children each month.

Good luck with school and I hope to hear 
from you when you have a chance.  
Thank you.

Steve Westra
[email protected]

ps - I can send you a picture of our 
HUGE globe if you are interested.


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