Butterfly Icon (9k) The Hosmer School
Watertown, Massachusetts

Our 2nd and 3rd grade class.....

Orange dot (4k) raises butterflies in a tent (inside our classroom)
Orange dot (4k) has a butterfly garden at school
Orange dot (4k) makes our own books about the life cycle of butterflies
Orange dot (4k) takes fieldtrips to the Butterfly Garden
Orange dot (4k) has a butterfly website to share what we've learned
Orange dot (4k) sent two of our teachers to see the monarch sanctuaries
  (Ms. King's daughter Bonnie went too)
Orange dot (4k) hosted a visit from Frankie
  (the traveling teddy bear reporter)

Our teachers are -
Deb King and Laura Newman

Photo of students (13k)
This is a picture from our fieldtrip.
Can you find the hidden butterfly?


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