Butterfly Icon (9k) Highland Park Elementary
Lenoir City, Tennessee

We are a fifth grade class in Lenoir City, 
Tennessee. We are in the flight path of 
the Monarch butterfly. Last year's class 
found monarch caterpillars on the 

We raised the butterflies and set them
free. We did not tag them. We have pictures 
of our butterflies and a video of their 

We have an outdoor classroom that the 
butterflies adore. We have already 
seen 12 Monarchs!!!! Now we are 
looking for caterpillars or

This is Great!!!
Ms. Johnston's Fifth Grade

Butterfly (13k)

Butterfly (13k)

Monarch emerging (9k)
Hi!, I wanted to tell you a little about our Monarch 
experience.  It just so happened that last September,  
my class was reading a story about Monarchs.  We had 
no idea that we actually had Monarchs in our area.  
Upon completion of the story, we went out for recess.  
A couple of my students rushed to me with a caterpillar.  
Of course, they are always bringing me something to 

Unfortunately, I didn't recognize it as a Monarch caterpillar.  
The students quickly informed me  that it looked 
just like the one in the reading book.

So, we took it in, put it in a jar with the plant on which 
it was found.  The next day, we found a beautiful cocoon, 
which was also identical to the one in the book.  We took 
great care not to disturb the cocoon.  We purchased a 
butterfly box and prepared it just like it should be 
for our butterfly's comfort.

One afternoon, as the class was returning from the 
cafeteria, a student frantically called out to me that 
IT was happening! The cocoon was breaking apart and 
the Monarch was emerging!  Wow, was that neat!

Thank you so much for your interest in our "Monarch Experience".  
My students and I are excited about seeing our school on the 
web, it will make our school the first in the county with 
this sort of exposure on the web.

Wish us luck in our search for this years caterpillars!

Kathy Johnston
[email protected]
Holding butterfly (13k) Taking a picture (13k)


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