Butterfly Icon (9k) Buckman Elementary School
Portland, Oregon

Students from Buckman (14k)
We are Mr. Scott's 3rd and 4th grade class at Buckman Elementary School
in Portland, Oregon. Our school is an art magnet school for kindergarten
through fifth grades. We have the standard subjects plus drama, dance,
music, and visual art. We are also very involved in technology.

My class has studied monarch butterflies, their migration, life cycles, and
anatomy. The children brainstormed what they knew about monarchs and what
they wanted to know and then did research to find the answers to their questions.
The information they gathered was used in monarch butterfly reports. They also
made paper monarchs that were sent to México City, via Minnesota, in a symbolic

Orange dot (4k) We hosted a visit from Frankie, the traveling teddy bear reporter
Orange dot (4k) And our teacher (Mr. Scott) traveled to monarch sanctuaries in México

Here are some of the links we found to be useful in our research:


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