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Visit Ross School


Whew! Another long trip! I've traveled cross country again, and have 
arrived at Ross School in Marin County, California. The town of Ross is 
just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate bridge. I am looking
forward to my adventures here...but right now I'm looking forward to a 
good night's sleep.



Well, I'm well-rested and already having a great time! This morning I 
met all of the Ross School kindergartners. They gave me a very warm 
welcome and lots of hugs. So far, I have gone to PE, (did you know that 
bears are great basketball players?!) and celebrated a birthday with a 
new friend, Alex.

Special friend badge (7k)
I found out that in kindergarten each person gets to be a "special 
friend" for a week. I got to listen to a special friend presentation. Coby
Newton shared 10 pictures of himself and his family. He likes M&M's 
and he doesn't like popcorn! When he grows up he wants to be a 
firefighter. I think that's a good thing to be. Maybe he will meet cousin 


Guess What?! This week I get to be a special friend! Mrs. Prisco made a
poster about me and gave me a special friend badge. She says she'll 
send it to Ms. McClintic later.

There's lots going on here! 
Butterfly (9k)
The kindergartners are studying butterflies 
too! Their painted ladies have made chrysalis' and should emerge while
I'm here!

I also have been having Spanish class with Senora Phipps. I learned a 
poem about a teddy bear! On Tuesday and Wednesday I will visit the 
Exploratorium, the hands-on science museum that works with Ross 
School through SLN. I am also going to ride a cable car, shop at 
Fisherman's Wharf, and drive down Lombard Street. What Fun!


Busy, busy, busy! I went for a drive today to the Marin Headlands. I 
could see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and all the buildings in San

Tonight is open house, so I will get to meet all my K friends' parents. 
Maybe I'll be a tour guide and tell them about our butterflies, tadpoles,
and chicken eggs!

Love Frankie

Oh yeah...I got to drive a back hoe today!

Driving truck (9k)


Well, I'm off across the country again! This time I'm heading to 
Watertown, MA. I'm hoping to catch a nap while I'm in my box - It's 
pretty cozy!

Good-bye, San Francisco!

"I left my heart . . ."


Questions for Students at Ross:

Is it warm there?

The weather here is mild and usually in the high 60's to mid 70's.  Most 
mornings we have fog which rolls in from the ocean.  When I first 
arrived in California, it looked like spring was really here, but today 
it is colder and we are expecting rain.  I am hoping for warm weather 
later in the week so that I can take some outdoor adventures!

Do you like butterflies?  What is your favorite kind?

I love butterflies!  I think there is something beautiful about all of 
them. But after my trip to Mexico, I must admit that the Monarch is my 

How many kids are in your class?

There are 20 Kindergartners in our class.  Ross School has two 
Kindergarten classes for a total of 41 students.

Do they make movies there?

San Francisco and the Bay Area are often used as scenery and background 
in movies.  Last fall, Francis Ford Coppola filmed the movie "Jack" 
here.  The house where Jack lived is right next to our school, and the 
playground you see in the movie is Ross School.  It was very exciting to 
watch the movie being made!  We learned so much, and many of us were 
able to meet Robin Williams and Mr. Coppola.

Questions for Frankie:

Is it fun there?

I am having a wonderful time!  The students here have been very kind to 
me and they love having me in their class.  I have gone to P.E., Art, 
Spanish, and I have been able to celebrate birthdays with three K 
students.  I will also be here for the Ross School Open House, so the 
parents will be able to hear about my adventures, too!  The most 
exciting thing that has happened to me is that I am the "Special Friend" 
in Kindergarten this week.  In Kindergarten, each person gets to be 
"Special Friend" for one week.  They wear a special badge, make a poster 
of themselves and the things they like, and they tell the class all 
about their life!

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