Visit Buckman Elementary School

Photo by Rose, 3rd Grade
April 4, 1997

Frankie is now visiting Buckman Elementary School in Portland Oregon.
Buckman is am Arts Magnet School which means that kids from all 
over Portland can apply to Buckman.  Our arts program means that 
we go to a different class for part of each day.  The classes are 
drama, dance and art. 
Paperwork (9k)
Time for paperwork

Pennies (9k)
Counting pennies

Playground (9k)
Hanna, K.C., 
Brittany and Frankie
At the zoo (9k)
Hugo and Frankie

Globe and Frankie (9k)
From Portland, OR
on the Pacific to 
Miami on the Atlantic
Lunchtime (9k)
Lunch with Kyle,
Tyler and Maddie

Today Frankie will be going with Janice Avidan's fourth/fifth grade 
on a field trip to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).  
We are part of a grant from OMSI that enables us to have complete 
access to the Internet.  OMSI has a special exhibit called "The 
Giants of the Gobi."  It focuses on dinosaur bones and fossils 
found in the Gobi desert in parts of China and Mongolia.  We saw
amazing dinosaur bones perfectly preserved in the hot desert sands
including the complete skeleton of a baby mammoth reaching almost 
to the second story!  We took a picture of Frankie at the computer lab
and at the chemistry lab - wearing goggles!  We then visited the OMSI
gift shop and bought Frankie a key chain with the name of the museum 
and Portland, Oregon under a picture of an apatosauras.
Pool (9k)
Brittany, K.C., Hanna
Maggie and Frankie
at Buckman's pool
Reading time (9k)
Silent reading
Art lesson (9k)
A lesson about 
artist Judy Lester.  
Mr.Simmons and Frankie
Motorcycle (9k)
Matthew and Frankie
in motorcycle with
Computers (9k)
D., Alex and Frankie

Lunch Time!

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