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April 8, 1997

I arrived at Avocado Elementary today. I'm feeling jet lagged from the
time difference. Here in Florida it says 2pm, but I've been in Oregon.
What's the time difference? I haven't seen any butterflies, but it's still
early!! The students in Mrs. Langford's 2nd and 3rd grades want to take me
home, but I need to rest because for the next three days I'm traveling in
a charter bus to Orlando.

April 9, 1997

Wow, 5AM and it's time to load the bus for Orlando. First I'm going to the
new Orlando Science Museum, then for dinner I'm going to King Henry's

11AM and I'm at the Science Museum. Boy is this place huge!! 4,000 square
feet. Several people have carried me and I've been photographed for a new
web site.

The address is:


My favorite activity was the Cinedome. I saw Living Seas movie. It really
looked like and felt like I was in the water. The waves were really tall
and I almost got dizzy! The music track was by Sting and it was pretty

Now it's 4:30PM and time to head for the hotel and a quick shower before
King Henry's feast. Heah I just spotted a yellow butterfly. The museum
doesn't have a butterfly area, but the guide said she sometimes sees
monarchs around the building. The yellow one is a swallowtail. It has two
extensions that make it look long!!

King Henry's Feast! What an interesting castle. Ivy is growing on the
walls. People are wearing costumes of the period. A funny jester is
picking me up and another picture is being shot!! Check out the web site.
The students are up and dancing and learning the alligator song!!

Boy it's been a long day. Mr. Brandtly just gave me a new pin from the
museum. I'll wear it tomorrow in Epcot. I'm having a great time.

April 10, 1997

Today we're off to Epcot Center. 40 students and 18 adults. The students
told me that we are going on an Asian tour behind the scenes. This is a
new area that opened up in February.


Boy, what a long day. I learned about fireworks today behind the scenes in
the Asian tour. 4 large barges are loaded every day and a computer sets
them off to music. This show corresponds to the 25th anniversary of


I've met some really great students and everyone continues to take me on
rides and take my picture.


P.S. Body Wars is a really interesting ride. It reminded me of the Magic
School Bus Inside Ralphie, but my seat moved and I thought I was
inside a body. A great 3D ride was Honey I Shrunk the Audience!! A lot
of screams.
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