Visit a school in Mexico City
Traveling to the school in crowded green taxi cabs wasn't easy, 
but we made it.  The school was a big place.  It had an open courtyard
in the center.  We met with a large group of students in the "auditorio"
and exchanged paper butterflies.
School in Mexico City (20k)
The students worked with 
"cuates" from The Papalote 
Children's Museum to make 
paper butterflies - for 
Journey North's Symbolic 

The word "cuate" is a spanish 
slang term that means friend.



Gracias por su visita y esperamós que 
vuelvas pronto.  Me gusto mucho tu visita, te
esperaremos nuevamente con los brazos abiertos. 

I´ love you.

Smile forever and happy day!  

Claudia Nieto and 
Sec. 18 Silvia
Melissa and Caro
Students in Mexico City (15k)
Students in Mexico City (17k)

Hola, erers un oso muy lindo 
esperamos que vuelvas pronto, 
nos dío mucho gusto 
tenerte con nosotros.  
No nos olvides.

Smile forever and happy day!
I love you!

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