Preparation back in West Virginia
Bear photo (19k)

We've been working on the Monarch 
project since Septmber.  

Mrs. jackson's class tagged and 
released several new Monarchs 
in time for migration.

The first graders used the story 
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to 
introduce their butterflies.

I hope to add more data to our 
bulletin boards when I get back.

"Frankie" Bear
Mrs. McClintic just told me she 
made some contacts with a 
teaching group that's going to 
study the Monarchs in Mexico.

I'm really excited (maybe a little 
scared too).  I know this project 
will be a fun project and I'm 
ready to get started.

Bear photo (19k)

Bear photo (19k)
Toby & Clem were putting the 
"icing on the cake" for their 
missions.  (They took off in 
January so I haven't heard from 
them since.  We'll have so-o-o 
much to share when we get 
back together.
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