Visit Escuela Primaria Isaac Arriaga
Outside the school    Angangueo school    Angangueo school
We woke up early and went to the large 
elementary school in town (Escuela Primaria
Isaac Arriaga).  The students were really 
excited to see us.  The teachers, cuates from 
Papalote and scientists from Minnesota were 
all there and eager to share stories and 
questions about the monarch.  

Students from the morning session went out 
into the courtyard for snack. It was very 
crowded, students were calling out "Frankie, 
Frankie, Frankie."  The students were eating 
tortillas and drinking colored liquid out of big 
plastic tubes.  As all of this was happening 
monarchs were flying all around the courtyard.  
Students were laughing and talking to each other 
about the monarch leaving and heading north with us.

Back upstairs, two classrooms were still making
balancing butterflies.  The students showed us 
butterflies that they carried in the Monarch 
Festival Parade the day before we visited.

They sang a cheer for us.
Frankie (12k)

On noses (12k)

Frankie (12k)

Angangueo school    Angangueo school    Angangueo school    Angangueo school
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