Finding El Rosario
Over plenty of hills and winding roads we finally reached 
Angangueo.  What we really needed to do was get to one of 
the monarch sanctuaries called El Rosario.  People were 
coming up to us saying "mariposas monarcas."  This is what 
we were told to look for.  We hired a truck to take us up 
the mountain to El Rosario.  The trip up the mountain was
a crowded, dusty and bumpy ride.  

Truck (9k)     Truck (9k)     Town (9k)

Moments before we were in 3 large suburbans, now we were all piled
into the back of an old red pick-up truck with benches for us to sit 
on.  The ride up took 45 minutes.  The dust was so thick that you 
could taste it. Some people wore surgical masks over their mouths. 
When we unloaded up top, everyone looked like they had gray hair.  
We had Finally made it!  

We walked down the remainder of the dusty road.
(It was too crowded for the truck to drive anymore)
At the bottom of the hill there were vendors selling butterfly
crafts, as we headed for the entrance to El Rosario.  We paid 
the entrance fee and began the long hike up the mountain.

Trees (9k)     Clusters (9k)     Trucks (9k)

Looking up, the sky was full of movement - there were monarchs everywhere.  

It was late in the afternoon and starting to cool down.  The butteflies
were starting to fly back into the forest to roost.  Above my head you 
could see them clustering on the branches of trees.

The clusters looked like big dark growths on the trees.  
It wasn't until I looked at the clusters with binoculars that I 
realized how many butterflies there were.  There must have been
thousands of them on each tree.

We were visiting during the mariposa festival.  Lots of people were
there then to visit the butterflies.  We had to meet back at the pick-up
at 6:30 because it was getting dark and the reserve was closing.

We loaded up and head back down the mountain.  There were so many stars out 
and it was getting really cold.  Two boys jumped onto the truck and 
sang a song for us.  Lucy told us that they were singing a love song. 
They hopped off the truck when we approached a nearby house.  
Tired, dusty and thirsty we needed to eat!

We found a little place that was still open.  
We ate more quesadillas and warm pepsi.

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