Mariposa Monarca Workshop
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The teachers and museum staff shared 
project ideas that they have used before. 
We made examples of some monarch 
activities to take home. I will bring 
examples of them back to West Viriginia.

These people here are pretty excited about 
the monarch, but even more excited to see
the things we were doing with butterflies
and migration.  Eventually we had everyone 
at the hotel involved in what we were doing.  
The owner and his wife, the waiters and the 
bar tender were all making balancing
butterflies with the group.

The balancing butterfly is an activity 
that we will take to a local school 
tommorow and do with students there.

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Work shop (12k)    Work shop (12k)    
Work shop (12k)    Work shop (12k)    Work shop (12k)

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