Road trip to Angangueo
Transportation (9k)

Departing Mexico City for Angangueo -

We drove through beautiful countryside.  
People were busy making adobe bricks for houses.
Others were bathing and washing in a stream.  
They hung the cleaned clothes out on huge cactus to dry.

Mud bricks (9k)     Washing (9k)      The Cuates (9k)

The elevation changed a lot.  My ears kept popping.  We drove past 
a funeral procession.  People (lots of them) were walking down 
the main street carrying the coffin and holding umbrellas.

After several hours of driving - it happened . . . 
I finally spotted one lonely monarch.  It took us another 45 minutes to
reach an area where you could see several of them at the same time.
We drove under an arch that crossed the road.  There were monarchs
painted on the arch.  We were near the Cerro Chincua reserve.  
We kept trying to find the town of Angangueo.  We will be going to 
Chincua tommorow.  

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